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"While IVEEN's instrument is known for being soft and angelic, her approach to it isn't delicate in the slightest."

- Molly Hudelson HIP Video

IVEEN is a multi-instrumentalist, singer, music producer, and songwriter from Atlanta, Ga, (USA). Her sound mixes current pop ideals with world influences, as she has spent a large portion of her life touring around the world with music as her passport. 


With Harp as her main instrument, IVEEN also adds a variety of other instruments to her live shows using a looper pedal, going from one instrument to the next (Guitar, Keys, Flutes, Drum Pads, etc.) This talented young artist never ceases to amaze audiences and listeners of every kind, from her well crafted live shows, to the inspiring atmosphere, lyrics, and melodies she creates in her recordings. 

"The Atlanta singer, songwriter, and harpist throws herself into her performances and her composition with abandon, and she follows her muse into uncharted territory."

- Molly Hudelson HIP Video

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